Promag MF7 - MIFARE® UID Reader

Product: Smart RFID Card Reader

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The Promag MF7 is a very high performance MIFARE reader. This well-designed reader is packed with technical features that have medium range capability and a small footprint. The MF7 reader is the best choice for system integrators because of its wide range of power inputs (between 5V to 18V DC). Even at 5 Volts (DC), the MF7 features a good reading range. The MF7 reader also comes with a variety of Three-In-One interface, RS-232, MSR ABA TK2 and Wiegand interfaces allowing it to integrate with a variety of applications, especially security access control.


* Reading distance: up to 50mm
* Frequency: 13.56 MHz
* Read MIFARE UltraLight® and MF1 Standard cards
* Three -In -One interface, with Wiegand, MSR ABA TK2 and RS232 interfaces
* Fast data transfer
* Weather resistant
* High data integrity
* User convenience
* Easy to install
* Available installed on metal surface


Contactless Device
Input voltage
5-18 V
Operating Temperature
-10C to 60C
Card Compatibility
IP code
Compatible Tracking Devises
Teltonika FM5300 and FM5500


Transmit Frequency
13.56 MHz
Reading Range
Up to 50mm

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