Product: smart RFID ID card

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RFID is particularly well suited to harsh ambient conditions, for example extreme temperatures or identification objects under high physical stresses. Optical technologies require visual contact at all times in order to detect the code and are therefore more susceptible to wear or contamination.

• No visual contact of the RFID tag required

• Omnidirectional reading

• Reliable use under harsh ambient conditions

• Large distances between reader and object possible

• Short reading cycles and possibility of bulk detection

• Rewritable tags and high storage capacity

• Durable design for industrial use

Card Specification

Dimensions in cm
8.56 x 5.4 x 0.08
Contact Smart Chip Embeddable
Operating Temperature
-20°C - +70°C
Reading Range
up to 5 meters
64 bit encription
Working Frequency

Compatible Tracker

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Compatible Reader

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